SAIC-GM signs EV charging partnership with Tesla in China

The joint venture between SAIC and General Motors has struck a deal with Tesla in China. The deal will allow the electric Cadillac and Buick cars in China to access Tesla’s popular Supercharging network.

Before 2024, all Cadillac and Buick EVs based on GM’s Ultium platform will be allowed to use Tesla’s Superchargers and Destination Chargers that have been modified for non-Tesla EVs. They will be able to search for the chargers through apps.

The partnership will kick off with ten Superchargers and 200 Destination Chargers. However, with more than 1,800 Supercharger locations, 11,000 charging stations, and over 2,000 Destination Chargers, there is room for the partnership to grow.

SAIC-GM, however, is building its own public charging network in China. Its network already has 52 charging locations with 246 stations. The JV is also partnering with other networks to gain access to over 500,000 charging stations spread across 320 cities in the country in 700 locations.

This partnership, however, is restricted to China. GM partnered with Tesla on public charging in North America in June. Its EVs from 2025 will adopt Tesla’s North American Charging Standards (NACS). Other automakers adopting NACS include ToyotaLucid, and Subaru.

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