Poelstar 5 revealed for the first time at Polestar Day

At the first-ever Polestar Day in Los Angeles, the highly anticipated Polestar 5 electric sedan was revealed for the first time without camoufalge, offering enthusiasts a firsthand look at its impressive design and cutting-edge features.

Scheduled for a formal debut in 2024, the Polestar 5 emerges as a sleek and powerful contender in the luxury electric vehicle market, taking aim at established rivals like the Porsche Taycan and Tesla Model S.

The Polestar 5’s exterior design draws inspiration from the original Precept Concept, the car boasts a long wheelbase and a sloping roofline, while distinctive features like the ‘Thor’s Hammer’ headlights and a rear light bar create a signature Polestar look.

A notable departure from its concept counterpart, the production version incorporates conventional doors and side mirrors, underlining its commitment to practicality without compromising on style.

Beneath its white paintwork lies a new bonded aluminum platform housing an 800V electric architecture. With a dual-motor setup, the Polestar 5 boasts an impressive 874bhp and 663lb-ft of torque, positioning it as a worthy competitor to top-tier models.

What sets the Polestar 5 apart is its collaboration with StoreDot, working towards advanced battery technology that promises a game-changing ‘extreme fast’ charging capability, potentially adding 100 miles (161km) of range in just five minutes.

While interior details remain under wraps, expectations run high for a spacious and tech-infused cabin, featuring a large central touchscreen infotainment system and a selection of sustainable materials. Polestar’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond design, with the company exploring bidirectional charging and vehicle-to-grid technology.

polestar day
Credit: Polestar
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