Tesla reaches milestone of 1,000 Supercharger locations in the US

It was only September 2012 when Tesla revealed the first six locations of their brand new Supercharger network. Less than 10 years later the automaker has reached a significant milestone, now with 1,000 locations in the United States.

The milestone was noted on Twitter by Supercharger aficionado and Drive Tesla contributor, Marco (follow him – @MontrealTesla).

According to data compiled by Supercharge.info, the number of Superchargers locations jumps to 1,130 for all of North America. This includes 111 in Canada, while the remaining 19 are located in Mexico.

The number is even more impressive when you look at their network around the world – 2,664 Supercharger locations and counting.

Tesla’s expansive network gives it a huge advantage over legacy automakers who instead decide to partner with third party EV charging networks. Not only is Tesla’s network more reliable, the ability to pull up and plug in makes road tripping in a Tesla a breeze.

Tesla may open up their Supercharger network to other vehicles in the near future. A recent rumour has suggested Tesla will soon release an adapter and app that other EV owners can purchase to use a Supercharger.

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