Starlink offers faster download speeds than broadband in most provinces across Canada

According to data collected by Ookla, Starlink hit a median of 106.64 Mbps across Canada.

This median speed puts Starlink ahead of fixed broadband services in seven of ten provinces. In New Brunswick, speeds were equal. At the same time, Alberta and British Columbia were faster than Starlink.

However, the report does note that Starlink‘s latency is still pretty high, and their upload speed is low.

On the latency side, Starlink clocks in at 55ms while broadband is 11ms.

Across the country, the median upload is 21.66 Mpbs, while Starlink has 12.82 Mbps.

The report states that:

“Starlink should be considered a viable option compared to fixed broadband in Canada, especially for rural consumers or those without access to fast fixed broadband options like fibre.”

Currently, the waitlist for Starlink is quite long, and many Canadians are still waiting for the service to let them know they are next.

It will be an interesting test case for Canada’s next generation of satellite internet. Starlink is certainly putting down a strong argument that it is the go-to option for rural Canadians.

Starlink services in Ukraine reached over 200 Mbps in early testing

Source: Ookla via Mobile Syrup

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