SpaceX sends more Starlink terminals and additional supplies to Ukraine

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has sent more Starlink terminals to Ukraine, along with other supplies that will keep more citizens connected to the internet amid the ongoing Russian invasion.

News of the delivery was shared by Mykhailo Fedorov, Ukraine’s vice prime minister, who posted a photograph to Twitter of another truck loaded with Starlink terminals arriving at an undisclosed location.

Fedorov thanked Musk for “supporting Ukraine and peace in the entire world.” Oksana Markarova, Ambassador of Ukraine to the USA, was also thanked in the tweet, indicating she likely provided some assistance in making sure the terminals were delivered safely.

Musk was quick to reply, saying that he has also sent “power adapters for car cigarette lighters, solar/battery packs and generators for places where electricity is not available.”

Last week the CEO said his company was updating Starlink to reduce peak power consumption, a change that would allow it to be powered by just a car cigarette lighter.

The changes also included activating mobile roaming, allowing the phased array antenna to maintain a connection when in a moving vehicle.

Musk is also using one of his other companies to help citizens in the region impacted by the crisis.

Tesla has opened up the Supercharger network to all electric vehicles (EVs), and enabled free Supercharging in Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary.

SpaceX updates Starlink to be powered by car cigarette lighter and to allow for mobile roaming in Ukraine

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