Tesla to shut down Giga Texas for Model Y production line upgrades, shift employees to Cybertruck lines

Tesla will be shutting down Giga Texas next month to perform some upgrades to the Model Y production lines. At the same time the company will be shifting some of its workers who were previously helping to build the Model Y to support the start of Cybertruck production.

According to drone pilot Joe Tegtmeyer, who obtained the information from several of his sources at Giga Texas, Tesla will shut down Model Y production next week. The shutdown is expected to last about 5 days, a duration that is similar to the timelines at other Gigafactories that have undergone production line upgrades. Once the upgrades are complete Model Y production will of course be slower than it was before as employees become familiar with the changes and new processes, but production rates should improve rapidly and surpass the existing rate of output, which as of the last update from Tesla was 5,000 Model Ys per week.

While Tegtmeyer provided no details on what exactly will be upgraded on the Model Y production lines, the shutdown will also coincide with an even more important change related to the Cybertruck.

During this shutdown Tesla will be moving some employees who were previously working on the swing shift to the Cybertruck production lines. These employees will be calibrating and conducting final testing on the Cybertruck lines to get them into production status. According to Joe this testing and calibration should last most of the month of July, putting a potential start of Cybertruck production in late July or early August.

Tegtmeyer provided one other interesting update, revealing that Tesla has started construction of a new manufacturing plant in Kyle, located 32km (20 miles) southwest of Giga Texas. Although not confirmed, the new facility could produce seats and potentially other components for both the Model Y and the Cybertruck.

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