Tesla installed 5X as many charging stalls in the US in Q1 compared to its next closest competitor

Tesla’s Supercharger network in the US is already unmatched in terms of its size, and its reliability, but the company is not slowing down its expansion plans. In the first quarter of 2023 Tesla installed five times as many charging stalls as the next closest competitor.

According to an analysis by EV Adoption (@evadoption), Tesla installed 1,292 charging posts across the US between January and March, or the equivalent of 59% of all DC fast charging posts in the country. The next closest competitor was EVgo, which finished a distant second with just 250 charging posts installed during the same time period, followed by ChargePoint’s 203 new fast charging posts.

From there the numbers drop off significantly, with EV Connect in fourth (75), the Rivian Adventure Network (72), and Electrify America (60). Add in all other competitors (220), and Tesla still installed more charging posts than the rest of the market combined (1,292 vs 880).

One of the reasons why Tesla is installing so many more charging posts than others is their average site size. Based on EV Adoption’s analysis, Tesla now averages 13.2 charging posts per site. That compares to the Rivian Adventure Network which averages 6 posts, Electrify America at 5.5 posts, and the rest of the market which averages 4.6 posts.

Tesla is also quick at installing new stations, thanks in part to their prefabricated installation method which can see a station completed in less than one week. Over the 90 day period Tesla opened 98 Supercharger stations in the US, equating to more than one station every day (1.09).

The US isn’t the only market where Tesla is opening Supercharger stations at a rate of more than one per day. China is also seeing its Supercharger network grow rapidly. During the month of October 2022 the automaker added 43 new Supercharger stations across mainland China, or on average 1.4 new stations every day during the 31 day month. That wasn’t followed up one month later when they added 30 new Supercharger stations in 25 different cities in December.

Tesla is releasing their quarterly shareholder deck later this month, which should include some official numbers on the global expansion of the Supercharger network.

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