The Boring Company’s plan for tunnels connecting San Antonio’s airport to its downtown is moving forward

The Boring Company’s proposed tunnel linking San Antonio’s International Airport to its downtown is progressing.

The proposal was originally sent to the Alamo RMA after they asked for proposals to increase revenue, and they have decided to take the next steps.

The Alamo RMA chairman, Michael Lynd Jr., has said that “No decisions were made in regards to approval of development. Approval of construction, or construction contract, or anything like that of any kind.”

Boring Company manufacturing facility plans hit a snag in Texas

The San Antonio Intl Airport serviced more than 10 million passengers in 2019 which undoubtedly has added to their traffic, and explains why they are looking at alternative methods of ferrying people to downtown, reports KATV.

The project is estimated to cost somewhere between $247 to $289 million, but so far Alamo RMA is only agreeing to discuss the project. Once fully approved, Boring could be given the green light to start construction within 12 months, and would complete the project in three years.

The project is planned in two phases. The first phase would construct the tunnel from downtown to the Pearl district. This area is a former industrial area just north of the downtown core.

The second phase will then connect to the airport further to the north.

Lynd added, “A lot of work to be done on identification of route. A lot of work to be done on cost. A lot of work to be done on structure. Who owns it? Are there any financial requirements on our end?”

The Boring Company said it would finance the entire project and turn it over to the Alamo RMA once the project has been completed. Lynd says the project is being proposed to raise money for infrastructure projects and roadways. He says they are limited to federal funds, and they still need to determine if the project would be financially viable.

If approved this would be another project for The Boring Company, which has been gaining more interest since Elon Musk started the company in 2016. They’ve recently completed the Las Vegas Convention Center Loop which shuttles passengers beneath the massive complex and has the potential to expand to the Las Vegas Strip, the Allegiant Stadium, and the McCarran International Airport.

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