SpaceX plans to increase Starlink dish production and release new and improved version later this year

Starlink Dish

During Satellite 2021, SpaceX CFO Bret Johnsen confirmed the company is currently producing 5,000 Starlink dishes per week. However, the CFO noted that the company plans to boost production later in the year to help meet demand.

Currently, the company has over 600,000 pre-orders for Starlink. This means keeping at the current production rate, SpaceX would take two years to clear its backlog.

However, according to Johnsen, SpaceX is increasing its capacity by multiples in the coming months.

He also revealed that SpaceX is developing their next-generation dish, which will reduce costs for SpaceX and could be available in the fourth quarter this year. The new dish will also help alleviate the backlog of orders for the satellite internet service.

However, it is not clear yet if consumers will enjoy a drop in the one-time cost of $499 USD/$649 CAD to order the satellite dish.

In the past, SpaceX noted that the global chip shortage has limited manufacturing capabilities. So, this new dish may take a Tesla like approach and allow the company to produce more dishes with available chips.

You can still pre-order Starlink services in Canada. The current upfront hardware costs are $649 plus $65 for shipping, with monthly internet costs of $129.

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