Tesla expands Cybertruck testing to Canada

Tesla has expanded its Cybertruck testing beyond the borders of the United States, with the first Cybertruck spotted this morning in Canada. The Cybertruck has been seen several times today driving around Quebec, less than two weeks before the first deliveries start in the US.

Tesla has been extensively testing the Cybertruck over the last few months across the US. As of this week the Cybertruck has been spotted in nearly two dozen states from coast to coast, and even as far away as Alaska. The testing has been ramping up as the Cybertruck gets closer to launch, which is scheduled to take place on November 30 at Giga Texas, where according to Tesla’s Global Director, Product Design, Javier Verdura, 10 will be delivered to the first owners.

While Canadian deliveries are still months away, the first step in the process of getting them north of the border took place this weekend in Quebec. A Cybertruck was first spotted travelling along Hwy 30, just north of Montreal, early this morning by Rémi Gauthier-Savard.

With its unmistakable design, it didn’t take long for more sightings to happen, with the Cybertruck spotted by several others driving along the highway, and later stopping at the Levis Supercharger (1060 de Ia Rive Sud Boulevard) for a top up.

From what we have been able to learn from our sources, this is the only Cybertruck in Canada at the moment, and while it is in Quebec right now it is not expected to stay there, and should be heading west to Ontario next week.

Now that the Cybertruck has made its way to Canada for testing, the big question now is when will the first deliveries take place. While we don’t know the answer to that, we can look back at the most recent Tesla launch in Canada, which was the Model Y.

The first Model Y in Canada was spotted in downtown Toronto in January 2020, after hundreds of sightings across the US. That sighting came six months before the first delivery, which took place six months later in Vancouver. If Tesla follows a similar timeline with the Cybertruck, we might see the first Cybertruck deliveries in Canada in the late spring or early summer of 2024.

However the Cybertruck is a completely different animal, and according to CEO Elon Musk is one that will be difficult to produce, so the production ramp will likely not be as quick as the Model Y, which could delay a Canadian launch beyond that timeline.

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