Tesla Model Y joins Fremont Police Department after successful Model S pilot program [Update]

The Fremont Police Department was so impressed with the results of their pilot program using a 2014 Tesla Model S as a police cruiser, they have added a second Tesla to their fleet.

This time the department went brand new and purchased a Model Y.

Although it appears an official announcement of the new cruiser joining active duty hasn’t been made yet by the Fremont PD, a photo of the Model Y outfitted in the signature black and white was shared recently on LinkedIn.

UPDATE September 22 11:06am: The Fremont Police Department has now officially announced the Model Y cruiser and shared several more photos of it on Facebook. They also provided a detailed list of the modifications required to prepare it for police duty.

Modifications made to Fremont PD Tesla Model Y

  • Overhead light-bar and siren
  • Headlight and rear flashers
  • Equipment console and electronics tray
  • Mobile digital computer and mounting system
  • Police vehicle radio
  • Vehicle camera
  • Push-bumper
  • Prisoner partition
  • Prisoner seat
  • Ballistic door panels for driver and front passenger doors
  • Trunk lights
  • Driver & passenger spotlights

It has taken a while for the Tesla to be converted for police use. The Model Y was actually purchased by the department last year, just before they released the results of their Model S pilot program.

The Fremont PD pilot program was a huge success, saving the department more than $4,000 in annual fuel/energy costs, and also being much more reliable with just 10.72% downtime compared to the 17.98% for their traditional Ford patrol vehicles.

Officers will likely find the Model Y performs even better on the job. Not only will it provide nearly 50 miles of additional range, it will also be roomier on the inside allowing for the installation of additional police equipment.

While there is more space on the inside, the Model Y is also shorter and narrower, meaning it can get into tighter spaces than the Model S.

The Fremont PD now joins their counterparts Boulder County, Eden Prairie, Bergen County, and Wolfeboro to add a Model Y to their fleet of police cruisers.

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