Tesla to add Bluetooth game controller support soon

If you want to use a game controller in your Tesla, you have to either use a wired one, or a wireless controller with a receiver plugged into one of the car’s USB ports.

That could all be changing very soon, as it appears Tesla is working on allowing you to connect wireless controllers to your vehicle through Bluetooth.

The news comes from a Tesla Service employee, who recently responded to an owner’s request to retrofit their power-only USB ports that would allow them to also use a controller to play some of the ToyBox video games.

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As we already know, the reason the car only has power USB ports and not ones that also allow data transfer is due to a parts shortage.

The bad news for the new Tesla owner was that there are still no parts readily available to perform the retrofit.

But in some good news, the employee added that Tesla is “working on having controllers connect through the Bluetooth in the vehicle” and the functionality will be released once the engineers have it “ironed out.” (via @Teslascope)

This Bluetooth connectivity will then allow you to connect almost any wireless controller to your Tesla, possibly even a Tesla-branded version.

One was first seen at the Model S Plaid launch event when owners were allowed to check out the new car and play Cyberpunk 2077 with the new controller.

After not hearing or seeing anything about it since the Plaid event, Tesla’s Director of Product Design Javier Verdura hinted last month it could be coming soon.

Tesla game controller coming soon suggests Director of Product Design

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