SpaceX Inspiration4 a go

According to the Inspiration4 team, the SpaceX launch is a go on September 15. The team announced that the flight readiness review is complete, and the mission is a go on Twitter.

The mission will blast off from Pad 39A at the Kennedy Space Centre. The private space flight will see four private citizens on a three-day journey around the Earth.

Jared Issacman purchased the flight as part of an effort to raise money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Joining Issacman is Haley Arceneaux, Sian Proctor and Chris Sembroski.

The four will circle the Earth for three days and splashdown in the Atlantic after their trip. The Dragon will stay in free-flying orbit and will not visit the International Space Station (ISS). As this is the first non-ISS trip, the docking port on the Dragon capsule was replaced with a dome window for this trip.

The exact liftoff time will be determined a few days before the launch. As with all launches, the weather will come into play. However, September 15 is the planned launch, with September 16 as the backup day.

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