Rivian shows off R1T’s eight driving modes with new video

In a video released by Rivian this week, the R1T’s off-roading capabilities were front and centre.

The video detailed all of the truck’s drive modes and included both on-road and off-road.

The Rivian R1T includes a total of eight driving modes. Four of which are for off-roading, and four are for on-road driving.

The different modes change the ride height, suspension stiffness, accelerator pedal response, and the all-wheel-drive system’s behaviour.

Off-road modes

  • Off-road drift mode provides the R1T with the ability to slide around in the dirt. The mode turns off stability control, sends more power to the wheels and keeps the suspension stiff.
  • Off-road rally mode is a less-extreme version of drift mode.
  • Off-road auto mode raises the ride height to 13.5 inches and includes soft suspension, standard regenerative braking and adaptive power between the wheels.
  • Off-road rock crawl mode is ideal for climbing over boulders. This mode is similar to the auto mode but has a stiffer suspension setting.

On-road modes

  • Sport mode drops the ride height to the lowest setting, stiffens the suspension and sends the most power to the rear wheels. It also tones down stability control so you can enjoy some drifting while going fast if you want.
  • All-purpose mode is for everyday driving and has standard settings all the way around.
  • Conserve mode is all about efficiency. It switches the R1T to front-wheel drive, maximum regenerative braking and lowers the ride height.
  • Towing mode is for when you need to tow. It includes standard ride height, stiff suspension and the highest level of regenerative braking to help ease battery loss.

Check out the video down below for some more details on all eight driving modes:

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