Behind the scenes look at Rivian R1T production line [Video]

Rivian has been officially producing the R1T since September, when founder and CEO RJ Scaringe drove the first customer-ready R1T off the production line at their manufacturing facility in Normal, Illinois.

The company has struggled a bit since then, only able to produce a little over one R1T per day in the weeks following, before increasing to more than 15 per day by the end of October.

While they continue to ramp up production, we get a behind the scenes look at what it takes to make one of the electric pickup trucks.

In a video published Sunday by DPCcars, we see the various parts of the factory including stamping, painting, and general assembly.

The setup is not unlike that seen at Tesla’s Fremont factory or Giga Shanghai, with an army of robots putting the cars together.

rivian r1t production
Credit: DPCcars /YouTube

The video appears to be put together with a separate voice over of RJ Scaringe talking about the R1T, and some of the unique features of it.

He also talks about the R1T battery packs, revealing the Max Pack will have 185kWh of energy. This will give the R1T an estimated range of 315 miles, and the R1S electric SUV slightly more due to its improved aerodynamics.

Hopefully the company is able to make it past these early struggles and deliver a compelling product. Unfortunately deliveries have recently been delayed in both Canada and the U.S., and some customers might not see their new trucks until later next year.

You can check out the full video below.

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