Rivian R1T Max Pack and Explore Packages delayed to 2023

After a somewhat shaky launch of the R1T, Rivian is delaying some R1T production until 2023. According to an email sent to Adventure and Explore Package reservation holders from CEO RJ Scaringe, production windows are coming.

However, if you reserved an Explore Package or added the Max battery pack, you will have to wait till 2023.

The email went into detail on the fact that the company will prioritize the most popular trim to get those vehicles out to customers in 2022.

Customers who ordered the Adventure Package should expect an email later today on their delivery window.

However, if you ordered the Explore Package or the Max pack battery, you will have to wait till 2023 for your vehicle. Rivian also noted that they would approach customers in January to gauge interest in the reconfiguration.

If you choose to reconfigure, your vehicle will be delivered in 2022.

Rivian rationalized the decision to focus on the Adventure Package in the email. The email explained that Rivian wanted to prioritize the build combination that would support the fastest ramping up of production.

This meant that the more popular trim and battery options would go first.

We have already seen some grumbling on Twitter, as 20 per cent of reservation holders could be waiting for another year before they see their vehicle.

Here is a copy of the full email: (via InsideEVs)

Last month, all Launch Edition preorder holders received their estimated delivery timing window. We will begin sending Adventure and Explore Package preorder holders their estimated delivery window later today.

As of December 15, we had approximately 71,000 preorders for the R1T and R1S in the US and Canada, with the large majority having configured an Adventure Package with a Large pack battery (our Max pack represents approximately 20% of our preorders). In order to serve the largest number of preorder holders, we will be prioritizing building the Adventure Package with Large pack battery during the next year. Explore Package preorders and vehicles with a Max pack battery configuration will follow in 2023. In setting our delivery timing, we optimized our build sequence around the build combination that would support us ramping as quickly as possible and therefore have the largest possible positive climate impact.

To bring added clarity and better understanding to delivery timing, in early 2022 we are introducing a new feature on your Rivian Account Page that will display your current delivery timing estimate. The information will be tailored specifically to you and the exact vehicle you configured. Our goal is to give you accurate, up-to-date details about your specific preorder so you can better plan and stay more informed.

We realize these timing estimates may be different than what some of you had originally expected. We know any shifts in timing can be challenging as you try to plan vehicle purchases and trips you want to take. To Max pack and Explore preorder holders who have been with us since 2018 and 2019 whose delivery windows may push into 2023 — we value your loyalty and commitment and will be reaching out to you in January to gauge your interest in reconfiguring to an Adventure Package with Large pack battery so that you can take delivery in 2022.

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