Rivian R1T and R1S peak charging rate and more uncovered in EPA test documents

While Rivian continues to deliver R1Ts to employees and pushes back delivery dates for real customers, more information about the electric truck and the upcoming R1S electric SUV is being revealed.

The latest figures and details comes from testing documents recently posted to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) website.

According to the company’s “Application for Certification – Part 1” report, the peak DC fast charging rate for both the R1T and R1S is 210kW.

This figure is disappointingly low compared to some other electric vehicles (EVs). There is of course Tesla which can handle up to 250kW, but even the modestly priced (in comparison) Kia EV6 can charge faster at 233kW.

On the bright side, 210kW is higher than what the automaker initially advertised as a peak charging rate – 190kW.

One other piece of information revealed in the document is that neither vehicle will come equipped with a heat pump.

The reports simply states ‘not available’ under that section, not giving any clues as to whether future versions of the vehicles might come with the energy saving feature.

This means both EVs are equipped with resistive heaters, which can be a large drain on the battery when driving in colder temperatures.

A heat pump is standard on many EVs these days, including all Tesla cars, the VW ID.4 (in Canada), and Polestar 2.

Tesla Model S and Model X get new heat pump, making entire lineup more efficient

You can read the full EPA report below. (h/t: Rivian Owners Forum)



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