You can edit the maps to improve Smart Summon results

If you’ve used Smart Summon before, you know that it can sometimes be hit or miss with the routes the computer selects to come and pick you up. Now it appears that Tesla owners cam submit changes to improve the maps used for the Smart Summon experience.

A member on TMC, Armee_1, discovered that Open Street Maps (OSM) is the base map used for parking lot mapping. What’s unique, and important for Tesla owners, about this is that OSM is as the name implies, an open source project open to members to contribute and maintain data about parking lots (also trails, roads, and more).

If you want to improve your Smart Summon experience, you can create an account and edit mapped areas that you’ve tried before to improve Tesla’s self-driving feature. Armee_1 noted that after mapping his local parking lots, the routine selected by the Tesla computer was completely different than when he had tried previously. The photos below show the before and after routing selected in a local parking lot.

Smart Summon before after OSM

The owner who used Smart Summon in Richmond recently might want to submit some changes to OSM so that he doesn’t cause mayhem with a “shocking, bizzare, and dangerous” manoeuvre again.

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