Rivian delays R1S deliveries again

Rivian has some bad news for customers waiting for the R1S, revealing in an email that they are delaying deliveries of the electric SUV yet again.

Things were looking good for R1S reservation holders, with estimated delivery dates showing some could expect to receive their new SUV this month. It was particularly good news for those who had placed their pre-order on the very first they were made available on November 27, 2019.

Rivian R1T deliveries in Canada pushed back to July 2022, R1S deliveries in the US delayed to May 2022 [Update]

Hopes of driving around this summer in their R1S have been dashed, as customers are now receiving emails that their deliveries have been pushed back several months, some as far back as December 2022.

According to a copy of the email shared on RivianForums, the automaker is placing one part of the blame on the usual suspect – supply chain issues.

However Rivian is also saying deliveries are being delayed in certain parts of the country because of a lack of service infrastructure.

Rivian was hoping to deliver up to 15 R1S vehicles before the end of 2021. Facing a difficult production ramp of the R1T, just two R1S SUVs were delivered in that timeframe, one to CEO RJ Scaringe and another to CFO Claire McDonough.

Canada has yet to see a Rivian customer delivery yet. The company has a large presence in Vancouver, and several test vehicles can be seen driving around the city.

Deliveries to customers north of the border will hopefully begin as soon as September, the date which Rivian said it hopes to apply to Transport Canada for certification.

A full copy of the email is below.

Thank you for your preorder and your commitment to helping us create a more sustainable world. As we continue to assess our supply chain and build plans, we want to provide an update on your estimated delivery window.

Your Launch Edition R1S estimated delivery window is October – December 2022

Your delivery window estimate is based on your preorder date, delivery location and current configuration. Here’s why your window has shifted:

  1. Supply chain
    As we’ve continued to navigate a tight supply chain, we’ve had to reduce complexity wherever possible, including prioritizing certain build combinations over others.
  2. Service Infrastructure
    We continue to prioritize deliveries in locations where service infrastructure is in place so that we can provide the full ownership experience to Rivian owners from day one.

We’re grateful for your continued support and will continue to keep you updated. Your preorder is a vote for finding better ways of doing things on a planet that needs all of us to innovate for the future. If you have any questions, please reach out to us.

Thank you again for being on this journey with us.​

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