Review of Tesla Giga Berlin objections to start this Friday

Ever since Tesla began construction of Giga Berlin in mid-2020, the automaker has faced countless objections to the new factory. These have been ranged from those about hibernating snakes and lizards to concerns over the amount of water being used by the factory.

In total the Brandenburg Ministry of the Environment has received over 800 objections from organizations and individuals. This has resulted in a delay for Tesla receiving their final permit approvals, potentially delaying the opening of the factory.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel as the more than 800 objections will be reviewed starting this Friday, September 24. According to a report by the German publication rbb42, the review will take place online and run for nearly three weeks until October 14, 2021.

“During the period of display from September 24 to October 14, 2021, all those who have raised objections have the opportunity to explain their objections. The explanations can be sent to the LfU in writing by post and electronically by e-mail, as it was also called.” (translated from German)

During the three-week period the objections, along with documents from the State Environmental Agency, statements from relevant authorities and Tesla themselves will be available for anyone to view at

At the end of the window of review Tesla will hopefully be in a position to receive the necessary approvals to begin production in October. CEO Elon Musk has mentioned that date as their target during a visit to the factory last month.

Before then local residents will be able to get an up-close look at the factory during the Giga Berlin County Fair. The automaker launched pre-registration for Giga-Fest last week and is scheduled to take place on October 9, 2021.


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