Tesla ordered to stop clearing tree farm next to Giga Berlin because of hibernating snakes & lizards

Giga Berlin tree farm 2
Image via the_wolfpack_berlin /YouTube

Tesla has been hard at work clearing a tree farm next to the Giga Berlin factory in Brandenburg, Germany. Since receiving approval to begin the work last week, crews have been quick to remove thousands of trees to make space for storage areas and pipe systems for the new Gigafactory.

Much like their first attempt to clear the site when construction began earlier this year, Tesla has now been ordered to halt the tree-clearing activities by a German environmental authority. The reason? Hibernating snakes and lizards in the area that could be harmed by the work being completed, according to a report by Der Tagesspiegel.

In order to continue their work, Tesla has to prove the tree clearing won’t harm the reptiles that live in the pine tree farm.

The order has not stopped other construction work at the site. Several of the massive buildings have started to take shape, and the bodies of four unpainted Model Y’s were recently spotted hinting the first equipment could soon be installed in the paint shop.

Tesla Model Y spotted Giga Berlin
Image via @gigafactory_4 /Twitter

Here is one of the latest drone flyovers of Giga Berlin taken on December 8, 2020.

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