Tesla breaks ground on new Megapack factory in Lathrop, California

Tesla Megafactory
Credit: 209 Times | Facebook

Tesla has officially broken ground on a new Megapack factory in California. The new facility will be located near another one of the company’s massive warehouse and distribution center in an industrial area of Lathrop where Tesla has a road named after them.

The ceremonial ground-breaking was first reported by 209 Times late last night, a media and news company based in Lathrop. (h/t: @SjvTesla)

Not much is known about the new Megafactory as Tesla has been strangely quiet on the project. However, according to soon-to-be Model Y owner Sawyer Merritt, the Megafactory will be used to ramp production of new, larger versions of the company’s Megapack that use LFP battery cells from CATL.

Tesla Lathrop
Image via Google Maps

We first learned about Tesla’s transition to using LFP batteries in their Megapack in May when it was announced they would be used in the Gambit Energy Storage Park outside Houston, Texas.

Documents for the project noted the batteries are known for their ‘thermal stability, enhanced safety, and tolerance to mechanical stress.”

Tesla also uses LFP batteries for the Standard Range Plus (SR+) Model 3 built at Giga Shanghai. Tesla also recently began importing the LFP batteries to North America to include them in some SR+ Model 3s built at Fremont.

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