Over $300 million worth of Tesla Megapacks waiting to be delivered at Giga Nevada

Tesla’s Giga Nevada factory looks like it is producing mass amounts of Megapacks. A photo that surfaced yesterday on Twitter showed the factory with over $300 million of the battery packs ready for shipment.

As per the post by Sawyer Merritt, the picture shows around 240 Megapacks preparing for delivery. The Megapacks in the picture represent roughly $322 million in sales.

Tesla’s Megapacks are in high demand due to their ability to store mass amounts of power for anything from traditional power grids, green electric projects or even industrial uses. We have seen Megapack deployments in multiple countries and several large-scale projects.

However, due to supply chain limitations, Tesla’s ability to produce Megapacks has suffered. But, these latest pictures show that the company might have found a solution or another avenue for raw materials.

Supply chain issues and lack of raw materials available have hit battery production hard. However, these constraints and the ongoing trade disputes with raw material suppliers like China have slowed down production and even shut down entire production lines for other companies.

Last week Tesla and Korean-based SK Innovation submitted comments on a temporary stop to tariffs on graphite from China. Graphite is one of many raw resources needed to produce batteries like the Megapack.

Tesla breaks ground on new Megapack factory in Lathrop, California

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