Ford F-150 Lightning demo units added to dealer ordering system in preparation for the start of retail sales

Ford has previously announced plans to officially open their order books for the Ford F-150 Lightning in January 2022.

While the automaker hasn’t announced an exact date for when that will take place, they have taken the first step on the first day of the new year by making changes to the dealer ordering system.

According to Granger Ford in Iowa, the first demo units of the F-150 Lightning have appeared in their web based dealer oder (WBDO) system.

Dealer principal Zach shared a screenshot on the forum, showing their demo unit will be a F-150 Lightning Lariat.

Zach says that the while the unit has been allocated to them, there is still no information on pricing, however “this is a good sign retail [sales] are around the corner.”

Pricing is going to be a key part of the ordering process for many F-150 Lightning reservation holders.

Facing high demand, numerous dealers have been found to be adding “market adjustments” as high as $30,000 USD to move people to the front of the line so they receive their electric truck at the planned spring launch.

Ford recently stopped taking pre-orders after more than 200,000 customers put their name on the list.

With a planned production capacity of only 80,000 units in the first year, it is going to be a much longer wait for those who can’t afford these “market adjustments.”

Ford will stagger F-150 Lightning orders for reservation holders


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