Belgium energy company Engie installs country’s first Tesla Megapack

ENGIE, a market leader in the sale and production of electricity in Belgium, has installed the country’s first Tesla Megapack.

The 1.25MWh Megapack was turned on Tuesday at the Luik Natie site, which features 3,800 solar panels and wind turbines. Combined, the two energy sources provide more than 4 megawatts of renewable energy.

The Megapack battery will store surplus energy, allowing the company to tap into the reserves when their is insufficient supply from either source.

It will also act as a fail-safe and provide reliable power in the event of an outage or power failure.

With the Megapack installation, Luik Natie is now considered completely carbon neutral.

Belgium’s minister for Justice and Enforcement, Environment, Energy and Tourism Zuhal Demir said she hopes the installation of this Megapack is the first of many in the country.

“I sincerely hope that this collaboration between Engie and Luik Natie and the use of this battery in the transition to 100 percent sustainable energy supply can set an example for other companies in the port of Antwerp and in the rest of Flanders,” said Energy Minister Zuhal Demir.

According to the Belgium publication Nieuwsblad, the project cost around €800,000 ($1.15M CAD). The government contributed €168,000 ($241,500 CAD). The remaining costs were financed through a third party.

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