Arevon agrees to buy another 2 GW/6 GWh of Tesla Megapack systems

Tesla has secured another large order for its industry-leading Megapack energy storage systems. Arevon, a leading renewable energy company, has agreed to purchase a 2 GW/6 GWh supply of Tesla Megapack batteries.

The new Megapack order will form part of a master supply agreement to support the company’s growing utility-scale storage portfolio.

“Arevon is at the forefront of powering the energy transition through solar and storage resources. We are pleased to be working with Tesla, securing a quality product that is in high demand. This agreement ensures that Arevon can deliver near-term storage solutions to our customers, mitigating the risk of supply shortages and project delays,” said Justin Johnson, Arevon’s chief operating officer.

Arevon has selected the Megapacks to be used in their Falcon portfolio, along with their energy company partner Tenaska.

The portfolio will see a number of standalone battery storage projects built in California over the next four years to provide up to four hours of energy during peak times of day and help prevent grid outages.

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This isn’t the first deal between Arevon and Tesla. By the end of the year the company will have overseen the construction and installation of 250 MW/1,000 MWh of Megapack systems in California and Nevada.

This new orders comes on the heels of Tesla breaking ground on a new Megafactory in Lathrop, California. The new factory will be used to build new, larger versions that use LFP battery cells from CATL.

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