Ontario man tries to unplug Tesla while the owner is napping inside the car

A man in Campbelltown, Ontario, woke up from a nap in the backseat of his Tesla to a man attempting to unplug his charger.

The video came from the Model 3’s Sentry mode system when the GMC Sierra pickup truck pulled in front of it.

The man got out of his truck and immediately head over to try and unplug the Tesla.

Unfortunately the footage cuts out as he starts fiddling with the charger, but according to the owner, who shared the video on Reddit, he quickly stopped once he realized someone was inside the car:

The guy continues messing around with the charger port for another 3-5 seconds then looks inside to see me watching him, after which he stopped all physical actions immediately.

He managed to separate the cord from the J1172 adapter, but the adapter stayed locked in the charge port for long enough for him to not be able to pull it out in time for me to stop him.

The pickup owner left without any further incident.

We have no clue what the GMC Sierra owner was trying to do, and many online think he was being a jerk.

The owner of the vehicle had a couple of ideas.

It could have been two things, IMO: 1. Theft of J1172 adapter. 2. Aggravated vandalism (unplugging the charger while I was gone, or, in this case, in the back seat).

You can check out the video down below.

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