Tesla is raffling off one of the first Cybertrucks, but only in the US

Tesla brought its referral program back to Canada last night, at the same time reintroducing vehicle referrals in the the US. Previously only solar products could earn referral awards. As part of the revamp to the program, Tesla is also giving one lucky owner the chance to win a free Cybertruck.

The Cybertruck is expected to enter production this summer, with CEO Elon Musk hoping to hold a delivery event towards the end of Q3. If you are lucky enough you could own one of the first Cybertruck’s ever built, but to have a chance you need to earn at least one referral.

According to the description of the Cybertruck Raffle found in the mobile app, one entry will cost you 500 credits, with multiple entries allowed. A Model 3/Y referral earns you 2,000 credits, and a Model S/X referral gets your 3,500 credits, so with a single Model 3/Y referral you could get 4 entries or 7 entries for an S/X referral.

Now comes the bad news, the Cybertruck raffle is only available to US owners. Although the description makes no mention of the raffle being limited to the US, the option simply does not appear in the mobile app for Canadians.

Would you redeem your credits for a shot at winning a free Cybertruck? Or would you rather redeem the same amount of credits for a t-shirt? Let us know in the comments below.

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