Tesla briefly opens Supercharger in Germany to other EVs, hinting at expansion of pilot program

For a brief period of time on Tuesday owners of non-Tesla vehicles could plug in and charge at a Supercharger station in Germany, hinting the automaker’s pilot program could soon expand to another country.

The Non-Tesla Supercharger Pilot program launched in November 2021 in the Netherlands, allowing all EVs to plug in to the world’s largest DC fast charging network.

The program has expanded since then and is now available in eight different European countries including France, Norway, the UK, Spain, Sweden, Belgium, and Austria.

Next to join that list could be Germany as the Limburg Supercharger appeared in the mobile app as available to non-Tesla EVs for a few hours today.

Twitter user @tomasfreres was one of the first to try it out and was able to successfully charge his Peugeot e208 at the 20-stall V3 Supercharger.

Interestingly, the mobile app showed he was billed €0.55/kWh, the same amount Tesla drivers are billed. In the other countries where the pilot program is running, non-Tesla EVs are billed a premium to use the network. (h/t: @tesla_adri)

It appears as though it was just a bug, or someone pressed a button they shouldn’t have, as a few hours later the station disappeared from the list of non-Tesla Superchargers.

The Non-Tesla Supercharger Pilot support page does not yet list Germany as one of the countries where the program is available, but does still show that EV drivers in Germany can visit one of the participating countries and use the Supercharger network there.

Tesla has not announced when the program will expand outside of Europe, but Elon Musk recently said CCS connectors will be added to stations in the US, but did not provide a timeline for when that might happen.

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