Kamloops is moving to make sure future developments are EV ready

Kamloops is moving forward with a zoning bylaw amendment that would require new residential developments to be EV ready.

The change would require new residential developments to have at least one pre-wired, energized electrical outlet capable of Level 2 charging.

However, this does not mean the homes come with a Level 2 charger. Instead, they need the panel, transformer, meter, conduit and outlet ready to support one.

Residential suites and visitor spaces would be exempt from the bylaw.

As per the presentation to Kamloops council:

When residential developments are built with EV-ready capabilities, a homeowner, occupant, or property manager will be able to install a Level 2 EV charger in the future without having to retrofit [or] upgrade electrical infrastructure, which can be a barrier due to its cost and complexity. (via CFJC)

City staff moved to send the bylaw amendment to a public hearing. The City of Kamloops did not provide the dates for the public hearing.

However, local reporting believes that the bylaw amendment should pass in the next few months in time for a January 1, 2023 start date.

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