Ontario launching five new ONroute chargers

The Government of Ontario has announced five new fast-charging stations at five ONroute locations are now open.

The ONroutes getting the chargers during this round are Tilbury North, Tilbury South, Woodstock, Ingleside and Innisfil.

Each location will have at least two EV fast-chargers on-site. The chargers are pay-per-use and will serve all EV and PHEV vehicles, including Teslas.

However, the province did note that busier locations will see additional chargers, but the province has yet to confirm which ONroute’s are getting more than two stations.

This latest announcement is part of a broader EV charger roll-out that the province announced in December. The province aims to have 69 fast chargers built to cover all 23 ONroute locations.

This latest announcement will mean that 11 ONroute locations will now have EV charging capability.

The partnership is between Ivy Charging Network, ONroute and Canadian Tire.

ONroute’s, of course, are situated on highway 401 and 400 and provide a rest stop that includes food, washrooms, gas and now EV charging throughout Ontario.

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