First six ONroute EV charging stations open in Ontario

Electric vehicle (EV) owners in Ontario can now pull into ONroute stops along highways 401 and 400 to recharge their vehicles.

The Ontario government announced Wednesday the first six EV charging stations are now operational in Cambridge South, Cambridge North, West Lorne, Dutton, Odessa and Napanee.

Another eleven locations are scheduled to open next month.

In partnership with Hydro One and Ivy Charging Network, a total of 69 stations will be built at all 23 ONroute locations by the end of 2025.

“Beginning today, drivers can pull into an ONroute station along our province’s busiest highway to grab a coffee or a meal while charging their car, making it easier to explore Ontario or visit family and friends. These new EV fast charging stations will boost EV ownership, support Ontario’s growing EV manufacturing industry and reduce emissions,” said Todd Smith, Minister of Energy.

Plugging in at an ONroute EV charging station will cost you 30 cents per minute. The stations feature between two and four chargers with 150kW CCS and 50kW CHAdeMO connectors.

Tesla owners will also be able to use the charging stations with built-in CHAdeMO connectors provided by Ivy.

The company has previously told Drive Tesla they will investigate adding CCS adapters once Tesla brings them to North America, which is expected to happen soon.

More tests show Tesla CCS adapter can reach charging speeds above 100kW



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