ONroute’s new Ivy EV chargers will feature built-in Tesla adapters

Earlier this week ONroute announced a total of 69 DC fast chargers are going to be installed at their rest stops across Ontario, with most being ready for use by summer 2022.

The announcement was disappointing for Tesla owners, as ONroute chose Ivy as their charging network provider.

The company, a collaboration between Hydro One and Ontario Power Generation, already has a vast network of DC fast chargers in the province.

Unfortunately those chargers only feature CCS and CHAdeMO connectors, leaving Tesla owners out in the cold unless they have an adapter.

The good news is that will not be the case with these EV charging stations.

In a statement to Drive Tesla, Ivy confirmed all ONroute stations will include “built-in” CHAdeMO adapters allowing Tesla owners charge at speeds up to 50kW.

Ivy tells us that the adapters will initially be deployed at the ONroute stations, but they are exploring options to add them to their other locations.

They also told us they will consider adding a CCS adapter once they become available in North America. A CCS adapter would be a better solution for Tesla owners, as you can charge at speeds up to 150kW.

The CCS adapter is already available in South Korea, and was recently activated for use in North America, hinting they will arrive here soon.

More tests show Tesla CCS adapter can reach charging speeds above 100kW

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