Tesla increases Model 3 prices in Europe

While North Americans have not been subject to any price increases this week, our friends in Europe have not been so lucky.

According to an update to the Design Studio early Friday morning in Germany, the Long Range (LR) Model 3 is now €2,000 (~$2,900 CAD) more expensive. The mid-level electric sedan now starts at €51,990 (~$75,500 CAD).

The Performance variant also saw an increase, rising €1,000 from €54,990 to €55,990 (~$81,350 CAD).

The change appears to be somewhat limited and did not impact all European countries. We have only been able to find evidence of a similar change in Luxembourg.

This price increase follows an even bigger price increase to the Model S and Model X in Europe. In late October the Long Range (LR) variants of both vehicles have increased by €5,000 ($7,100 CAD).

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