New video showcasing Tesla Service in China released

tesla customer service china

Tesla China released their latest video detailing Tesla Service in the country, and unlike the experience of many Tesla owners in North America, the majority of customers in China appear to like the service they receive.

The video notes that the company offers drivers customer support and virtual service through their Tesla China offices. These services fix nearly 90 per cent of customer concerns over the phone.

These phone interactions also achieved a 94 per cent positive feedback score.

The company also highlighted their mobile service, which showcases a woman stuck in the rain with a flat tire being helped by a Tesla employee on the side of the road.

The video notes that mobile service is always ready to come to your assistance.

Further, mobile service in China achieves a 99 per cent positive feedback score from customers who use the service.

Next, the video highlights Tesla’s Internal Body Shop. The company boasts more than fourteen internal body shops in the country. These shops can repair, detail and paint Tesla’s back to factory standards.

Finally, the video highlights the after-sales support from the company, which includes things like vehicle inspections at Supercharging stations, Tesla app updates and showcasing the growing number of Tesla Service Centres.

Tesla China has been on quite a media and marketing run over the last several months. The group has posted several videos, mainly around the support and safety of the vehicles following a few high profile crashes and recalls in 2021.

Check out the full video below:

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