The saga of a Tesla Model 3 delivered without a brake pad

model 3 brake pad
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When you order a new vehicle, you expect some new sounds, and obviously the new car smell. However, for one Tesla owner, their new Model 3 came sans a brake pad, and you can only imagine the sound.

April Gilmore had her Tesla Model 3 delivered in late December. However, she started to hear a worrying scraping side from the driver side rear wheel while driving. A day later, she reported her issue to Tesla.

Tesla informed her they did not have any inspections available in the near term, and the next appointment was three weeks out.

The next day Tesla asked to see a video of the issue.

April sent across the video and the sound of the scraping. Her Tesla service advisor claimed multiple people listened to the video to declare the brakes were normal for a Model 3.

Gilmore disagreed and pushed for an appointment sooner. Tesla informed her to tow the vehicle if she was worried.

You can check out the video here:

As you can hear, she had a right to be worried. She did end up towing the vehicle to a local independent Tesla shop where a technician removed the wheel to discover the left rear corner brake pad was missing.

There was no pad, so the vehicle also needed a new rotor and brake caliper in addition to a brake pad.

After seeing the technician’s video, Tesla got her into their Service Centre. They did not have a loaner available and provided her Uber credits.

Due to part issues, the repair has seen four separate setbacks. The repair was originally for December 31.

However, it has seen delays to January 7 to January 14 and now January 19.

Tesla, for its part, has covered a month of her payments for the vehicle.

You can check out the whole saga on April’s Twitter:

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