Elon Musk confirms FSD Beta V10.3 rollout to 99 Safety Scorers next week

99 safety score
Image via @codingmark /Twitter

If you just missed having a perfect 100 Safety Score to receive Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta software last week, your turn will be coming up soon.

After initially saying the expansion to anyone with a Safety Score of 99 would “maybe” happen next week, Musk said last night the release of FSD Beta V10.3 will take place next Friday.

Musk’s tweet was a little cryptic when he said it will roll out to those with a “99/100 safety score.” That could either mean 99 out of 100, or those that have 99 and 100.

It is likely the latter, as Tesla has continued to push the update to cars with a perfect 100 Safety Score this week, many of which were Model S Plaid owners.

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