Tesla China releases their annual Charging Travel Report

Tesla China released their Annual Charging Travel Report, and the Supercharging network was busy.

The Chinese Supercharger network provided more than 23.91 million charging services in 2021.

These more than 23 million charges came from more than 500,000 car owners.

Overall, the Supercharger network achieved a CO2 emission reduction of 1.01 million tons in the country.

Tesla’s Supercharger network in China is immense.

Back in October, Tesla celebrated its 1,000th Supercharger station installed in China. At the event, Chinese Supercharging stalls exceeded 7,600, which meant that each station had an average of 7.6 charging stalls.

Tesla China initially focused on expanding its Supercharger stations in city cores. The company has 100 stations in Shanghai and 100 in Hainan Province alone as of October.

Then, they started to install AC destination charging points. As of October, Tesla China had over 700 destination points with 1,750 individual stalls.

The current plan for Tesla China is to expand the charging network in the country. The goal is to triple the existing charging network within two years.

Shanghai-based Twitter user @42how_ broke the news.

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