GM claims to have serviced over 11,000 Tesla vehicles

General Motors has found a new business line, servicing Tesla vehicles. According to GM, their network of dealers have now serviced over 11,000 Tesla vehicles in the United States.

GM President Mark Reuss dropped the news during GM’s Investor Day in New York City on Thursday.

When asked about serving Tesla, Reuss said this:

“That’s a growing business for us. I gotta say it’s a new business.”

From GM’s standpoint, it makes sense.

Tesla lacks the nationwide coverage that GM has with its dealer network, and in some situations, Tesla Service wait times can be quite lengthy.

However, we are not exactly sure what services GM provides to Tesla vehicles.

We also do not know if the Tesla vehicles were under Tesla warranty.

Either way, it seems to be a bit of a win for all parties involved.

For GM, it is a new revenue stream that will make their dealers happy and add new income no one expected.

For Tesla, it could help lower the wait times for their Service Centres and help improve the service experience.

While for owners, it simply gets their Tesla back on the road without the long wait times or a potentially long drive to the Service Centre.

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