New Tesla Model 3 Performance spotted uncovered for the first time [Update]

The new Tesla Model 3 Performance has been spotted without camouflage, giving us our first look at the upgraded electric sedan, hinting that its launch is just around the corner.

Tesla the new Model 3, more commonly known as Project Highland, in October last year. However, the company surprised by only releasing the Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD) and Long Range (LR) variants, with the top-of-the-line Performance variant strangely absent from the online configurator.

Its absence, and with no official comments from Tesla, fans questioned whether it would be added back to the Design Studio in the future, or had been cancelled altogether. Fortunately we didn’t have to wait long, as several leaks, some from Tesla themselves, pointed to the fact that not only would it be returning, but it would also be getting some special upgrades over its predecessor.

Over the last few months there have been a few Model 3 Performance test cars spotted in California, but they have been incomplete and covered up with camouflage, keeping some of the new design features a secret.

Now for the first time the camouflage has been removed, giving us an unobstructed look at the new design.

Two new Model 3 Performance cars, one in Ultra Red and one in Black, were spotted in Valencia, Spain, by X user Desmond Wisley (@dessiewisley) on Sunday. The cars were surrounded by Tesla employees on site for what appeared to be a promotional photo and video shoot, suggesting the official launch is likely just around the corner.

From the video we can see several exterior changes for the new Model 3 Performance, like the Ludicrous badge on the trunk, although it has been said it will retain the Performance moniker. Other updates for the exterior are a new trunk spoiler, new rear splitter, new front splitter, and new Warp wheels that were previously leaked in the Parts Catalog, although these ones appear to have aero inserts.

The only change we can spot on the inside are the new Sport Seats in white that were seen in a test car last week.

This sighting leads us to believe the new Model 3 Performance will be launching very soon. According to a report out of China just a few weeks ago, the new Model 3 Performance is expected to enter production simultaneously at Giga Shanghai and Fremont at the end of March, putting a launch date in the second quarter. Based on this sighting, Tesla could be ahead of that timeline.

Here are some photos and a (blurry) video of the other Model 3 Performance that was seen this weekend.
UPDATE 10:40am PT: And a better look at the front splitter.

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