Construction of Giga Mexico set to start March 3, says governor

Construction of Giga Mexico will finally begin this week, according to governor of Nuevo León, Samuel García, nearly one year to the day after the factory was officially announced.

Tesla first revealed plans for Giga Mexico last year at their Investor Day event at Giga Texas on March 1, 2023. The factory, which is set to build the company’s next generation platform, looked like it was going to be built as quickly, or even quicker than Giga Shanghai, which went from mud pit to operational factory in just 11 months. However, it quickly became apparent that was not going to be the case.

Even though Tesla was working through the process, obtaining environmental impact and other permits to begin construction, the company appeared tobe in no rush to get shovels in the ground. In October CEO Elon Musk tempered expectations,  saying the current economic environment, specifically high interest rates, has made them take more a cautious approach to the factory.

Last week we reported that construction of Giga Mexico looked like it may finally begin March, according to comments made by the state governor. Now the governor is at it again, saying that construction will begin very early in the month, this Sunday March 3, according to a report from Milenio.

However, it remains unclear what work will begin on Sunday, and whether it will be Tesla, or the state performing the work. Tesla had previously requested the government install the necessary infrastructure to support Giga Mexico.

It is worth noting that even before the project was officially confirmed by Tesla, government officials in Mexico have been very excited to talk about the company’s massive investment in the state, sometimes seemingly stepping on toes by talking too much and revealing too much information before Tesla was ready to make an official announcement.

This could be the case again with these latest comments, although it was reported last week that Tesla did not say “no” to the request to begin construction no later than March of this year.

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