New Tesla Model 3 Performance could launch in Q2: Report

There are still many unanswered questions about the new Model 3 Performance, perhaps the biggest of which is when it will finally launch. Recent rumours have suggested that might happen this month, but according to a new report out of China, we might still have to wait a little longer for the Performance variant of the electric sedan to arrive.

Tesla launched the upgraded Model 3 first from Giga Shanghai in October last year. However only the Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD) and Long Range variants were available, with no information about the Performance variant, or why it was missing. We have learned since then, from Tesla’s own accidental leaks and from information in certification documents, that the Model 3 Performance is getting a number of performance-related upgrades, like a new motor, new suspension and brakes, and more.

Officially Tesla has been quiet on any news related to the Model 3 Performance, but recent reports have suggested the company was going to announce it this month, with the first deliveries starting in March. However, it looks like we might not get an official announcement until that date.

According to Chinese media outlet Dongchedi, the new Model 3 Performance will go into production simultaneously at Giga Shanghai and Fremont at the end of March, putting a launch date in the second quarter, or at some point between April and June. (via CNEvPost)

When it does launch in China, they speculate it will be priced “close to ¥400,000” (~C$75,700/US$56,300).

While we wait for the official launch, Tesla has been testing the Model 3 Performance on public roads in California. A recent sighting in San Francisco revealed that not only will it be receiving some performance-related upgrades, Tesla will also be updating the exterior design to differentiate it from the RWD and LR variants.

That differentiation will also carry through to the interior, as the Service Manual has revealed it will also be getting upgraded ‘Sport’ seats with improved bolstering for additional support in high-speed cornering. Those seats were also recently spotted on a test car in California, and are expected to be exclusive to both the Model 3 Performance and the Model S Plaid.

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