Tesla Model 3 Performance with new white Sport Seats spotted as ‘Project Highland’ nears completion

Tesla is gearing up to relaunch sales of the Model 3 Performance, a move that would close out the “Project Highland” refresh of the electric sedan. As the launch approaches, a test vehicle has been spotted in California with the new Sport seats, but this time in white.

We first learned these upgraded Sport Seats with improved bolstering and support would be coming with the new Model 3 Performance when they were first seen hidden in a software update in October last year. Fast forward to January and the new seats were finally spotted in a test vehicle in Palo Alto, California in the stock black colour.

Now we have confirmation Model 3 Performance buyers will be able to opt for the white interior. A Tesla “Engineering Vehicle” was spotted last week at a Supercharger in Santa Monica. While the car had the typical camouflage on the front and rear, there was no hiding the new white Sport Seats in the interior.

Highland Performance Spotted in Santa Monica, CA
byu/Pristine_Floor7545 inTeslaModel3

We still don’t know when the Model 3 Performance will make its debut, but when it does it is expected to feature a lot more than just new Sport Seats. Tesla’s director of vehicle programs, Daniel Ho, teased that the new Model 3 Performance will be “pretty special,” aiming for a launch in the first half of 2024. The vehicle is expected to feature significant design tweaks, such as new “Warp” 20-inch wheels, upgraded brakes, and suspension components, as well as new front and rear bumpers.

Additionally, certification documents in Europe suggest it will also get improved performance to match the new looks, possibly with a new Plaid motor.

While there has been speculation about the Model 3 Performance being renamed to “Ludicrous,” aligning with the Model S’s “Plaid” variant, Ho said it will retain the Performance moniker.

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