Tesla Powerwall installations reach 600,000 worldwide

It took Tesla Energy five years to sell and install the first 100,000 Powerwalls, and the company is now able to do as many in only seven months.

Tesla Energy took to X (formerly Twitter) to announce the company had installed 600,000 Powerwalls worldwide yesterday with a short video to celebrate the milestone.


This is a huge milestone for the company and shows that there is still a significant demand for the product with a lot of untapped potential. Tesla Energy has yet to really crack most of the European market, and it hasn’t officially opened up sales in Canada, while waitlists continue to grow in other regions.

Whether it is due to energy uncertainty, people taking advantage of the federal subsidies, or simply people loving the product, the Powerwall is selling well.

The newly announced Powerwall 3 (PW3) will only add to Tesla Energy’s sales with a significant improvement in performance at a price point similar to that of the previous generation. Most importantly, the Powerwall 3 has a 130% increase in capacity, which is enough for a single Powerwall to power most homes.

Plus, with stackability and solar hook-ups, the next-generation Powerwall can handle long-term power interruptions with ease.

At this point, it seems like it is a question of when the 1,000,000 Powerwall will be installed and not if, which is great news for Tesla and investors alike.

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