Mercedes Benz shifts gears to focus on electrification

Finally acknowledging the shift in the automotive marketplace, Mercedes Benz has announced plans to ramp up their electrification efforts with a new family of electric vehicles.

By 2030, the German automaker says more than 50% of their global sales will be electrified. At the same time, they plan to reduce the number of internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles available for purchase by as much as 70%.

The move comes as Mercedes Benz says the rapid growth of electric vehicles has reduced the costs of batteries to the point where their high-end electric vehicles will be profitable. They added that the development of new vehicle architecture over the next 5 years will further reduce costs.

To reach their goals, the company announced a new family of EVs to follow from the current Mercedes Benz EQC. First will be the EQA, an electric crossover that is expected to launch before the end of the year. That will be followed next year by the launch of the luxury EQS sedan, which they claim will have up to 700km (434 miles) of range according to the generous WLTP standard.

Mercedes EQ lineup of vehicles

Mercedes Benz’s performance division AMG will also launch an electrified model next year, reports Bloomberg.

Along with the announcement, Mercedes also released some photos and a video showcasing their new EQ lineup, heavily covered in camouflage to protect the final look.

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