Mercedes Benz EQC suffers abysmal sales in home country, handily outsold by Tesla

The Mercedes Benz EQC was supposed to be released in North America earlier this year, but that was unexpectedly delayed by at least a year so the German automaker could focus its efforts on selling the car in its home country.

It appears those efforts haven’t paid off, with sales of the electric crossover registering less than 300 units in the first four months of 2020.

According to Germany’s Federal Motor Transport Authority, Mercedes Benz sold 397 EQC’s in the last few months of 2019, and so far this year have sold just 276. It should be noted that sales were likely impacted by the coronavirus outbreak, but even with that taken out of the picture, the EQC wasn’t exactly on a record-setting pace.

For some comparison, the Tesla Model 3 was the number one selling EV in Germany in March, registering 1,490 units in the month (via CleanTechnica).

With sales numbers like these in their home country, one has to wonder if the EQC will ever make it to North America in the future. On the bright side, we do seem to have a much stronger affinity towards SUV’s than Europe, so maybe sales will be better on this side of the pond.

h/t [Teslarati]

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