Tesla outsells BMW in luxury U.S. sales for 2021

It looks like Tesla did outsell BMW and take the title of top selling luxury car brand in the United States for 2021, regardless or powertrain.

The latest data from Cox Automotive shows Tesla sold 352,471 cars in the US last year, representing a 71% surge in sales compared to 2020 (205,600).

Showing off North America’s love affair with the SUV, the Model Y accounted for the majority of those sales (190,393).

The Model 3 was no slouch, selling an impressive 121,877 units in the US last year.

That performance was enough to topple perennial favourites BMW (336,644), Lexus (340,476), and Mercedes Benz (276,102) who came in second, third, and fourth respectively.

If you are reading this thinking you seen it before, it is because you have, but with different results.

Experian reported their data earlier this month, which said the Texas-based automaker sold 313,400 vehicles in 2021. That was only good enough for second place, which had the same number of BMW sales as presented above.

The reason for the differences between the two reports is because Tesla doesn’t separate its US sales from its global sales. That leaves organizations such as Cox Automotive and Experian to rely on insurance registration and other data to arrive at their estimates.

Either way you look at it, Tesla is dominating, even when having just two models being delivered for the majority of 2021.

Source: Automotive News

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