Mercedes may electrify its production lines by the end of the 2020’s

In an interview with Reuters, Mercedes Benz Production Chief Joerg Burzer said that the auto manufacturer may go full EV sooner than they thought.

In the interview, Burzer notes that:

“We will certainly have some lines producing only electric vehicles in the next few years… we also see whole factories switching to electric – that is a topic for the second half of the decade.”

This is a massive change in position for the German automaker, but it is good news.

As per the interview, Mercedes will stay clear of building EV specific plants. Instead, they will upgrade existing production lines so that the company can be flexible to market demands.

However, with current forecasts, the company will transition some of their production lines to EV in the near term.

Burzer did not provide any more details on what lines would potentially electrify.

However, Mercedes is behind a little in terms of electrification.

In 2021, only 2.3 per cent of global Mercedes Benz sales were full EV, while that raises to 11 per cent if you include plug-in hybrids.

As of 2025, they expect that number will rise to 50 per cent.

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