Polestar Plans To Build The First Carbon-neutral Vehicle By 2030

Polestar zero car

Polestar announced its plan to build a carbon-neutral car by 2030 in its first annual review and sustainability report.

Its project, Polestar 0, will focus on reducing carbon emissions during its production and manufacturing process. To achieve its goal, the Swedish electric performance vehicle brand will rely on new and exponential technologies.

It claimed that offsetting emissions measures, such as tree planting, are unsustainable in the long run and are a “cop-out.” Environmentalists have agreed, stating that there are too many unknowns about forests’ and soils’ long-term carbon-storage capacity.

Polestar’s head of sustainability, Fredrika Klarén, says the job doesn’t stop with electric vehicles. Car manufacturers must do better and eliminate all types of emissions, including those produced on their assembly lines, rather than just those produced by their vehicles.

To assert its support for climate neutrality, Polestar has incorporated climate action into its operations. Company climate targets are also included as part of its formal corporate performance metrics.

Furthermore, its electric product labels include information about carbon footprints and traceable risk materials. It is available on the company’s website and in Polestar Spaces, and it sets a new standard for transparency in the automobile industry.

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