Proposed West Virginia legislation would ban OTA updates in the state


The State of West Virginia is currently debating a bill that would ban auto manufacturers from sending over-the-air updates to vehicles.

The overreaching bill, HB 4560, is problematic.

The dealership trade association introduced this bill to protect dealership interests. However, the bill is entirely overreaching in its changes.

As written, the bill would block online car purchases by dealers and customers. In addition, it would ban over-the-air updates and even limit advertising by auto manufacturers.

However, as per CleanTechnica, we know that some in the state are in opposition to this proposed bill. The Alliance for Automotive Innovation penned a strong letter in opposition to the bill. They wrote:

Rather than leveling the playing field between dealers and manufacturers, this bill would drastically alter the rights and obligations of automotive manufacturers and their franchised dealers in West Virginia. Many of the proposed changes would benefit dealers but would ultimately impose costs and inconvenience on the citizens of West Virginia.

The proposed has the following language which would ban OTA updates:

“Except for experimental low-volume not-for-retail sale vehicles, cause warranty and recall repair work to be performed by any entity other than a new motor vehicle dealer, including post-sale software and hardware upgrades or changes to vehicle function and features, and accessories for new motor vehicles sold by a licensed new motor vehicle dealer. Provided however, this language shall not include any post-sale software upgrades to the motor vehicle’s navigation or entertainment system.”

We have not heard from Tesla or other of the leading manufacturers as of yet. But the matter is over-the-air updates are the future of the auto industry.

If signed into law, this bill is a step back for West Virginia.

You can see the whole bill here.

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